ShipShow-Key-Water-copyArtisan Design is a tourism resort and high-impact attraction developer and designer based in Venice, California, with offices in Las Vegas and New York. Artisan Design’s sister company, Pekan Artisan, is based in Malaysia.

Artisan Design specializes in projects that demand a high level of cultural and historical integrity, and projects that use cutting edge technologies to engage visitors.

We are a dynamic, collaborative company, able to deliver unique eco-friendly attractions and resorts that seamlessly blend engaging story telling and inspiring experiences with modern cutting-edge technologies and design.

Our team of internationally respected developers, architects, designers and special effects producers have led world-class projects across the globe.

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What We Do

  • Development

    Artisan Design, is a tourism destination and resort developer. We work to identify locations with development potential and develop concepts that maximize the opportunity.

  • Owner Representation

    Artisan Design assists clients in managing their site study, sizing and creative visions. We help manage the creative vision, architecture, and business aspects, continuing through the process with project implementation.

  • Vision Planning

    Artisan Design works on the development of new and unique projects with a keen sense for the local market, culture and history of a development. We produce vision packages which include inspirational renderings, plans and initial business modeling. Our clients use these packages to get board approvals, access state & federal funding, as well as private investment.

  • Master Planning

    Artisan Design’s development of master plans for large or small scale developments includes indicating land uses, overviewing and forecasting visitor numbers , transportation strategies, coordinating public consultations, working with regional and local governments, as well as producing long term strategic plans for development and expansion.

  • Design

    Artisan Design designs and oversees all aspects of a development, from concept creation to schematic and design development, through to construction documentation. We ensure all aspects of the design packages work seamlessly, ensuring the architecture, technology and show design all work in harmony.

  • Project Implementation

    Artisan Design manages all creative aspects of production and development from the implementation of designs for all projects to managing the media and inter-actives, ensuring the creative vision remains true to the initial vision.