Langkawi, Malaysia


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Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah, is an archipelago of 99 tropical islands 30km off the west coast of Malaysia.

These islands are renowned for their untouched beauty, dramatic landscapes, serene elegance, and as a sophisticated vacation destination.

The Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) has identified two unique locations for development, and has granted Pekan Artisan an 80 year renewable lease on both sites. Pekan Artisan is the Malaysian based sister-company to Artisan Design.

Pekan Artisan, and our dynamic partnership team, has designed a series of eco experiences, gardens and hotels, offering back to nature experiences, and paying homage to Langkawi’s unique culture and environment.

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Site 1 – Paradise Island Hotel & Gardens

This 10.35 hectare site will have a 250-room hotel, nestled in an eco rainforest with retail, restaurants, discovery and adventure paths, and 4 multimedia attractions, celebrating local culture and wildlife. The main attraction will be a digital 4D theatre, which will feature a fly-over Langkawi immersive film.

Site 2 – Sultan’s Summer Palace, Paradise Island

This 9 hectare site will have a 100-room plus 17 villas within this high end resort, on one of the untouched tropical islands that form Langkawi. The island will be a luxury natural retreat. Amenities will include a helipad, conference facility, high end restaurants, media experience and spa set in an environment combining design and nature.