Melaka, Malaysia


  • Attraction master plan
  • Media Concept
  • Production manual


The journey of Melaka, and Malaysia, from invasion to independence will be projected on to this historic city’s architectural landmarks. Over 550 years of history will be bought to life on the ruins of St Paul’s Church and the walls of Governor’s House.

Three live military drummers – Portuguese, Dutch and British – will start the show. Their projected shadows will come to life and start a journey from occupation, through the industry and immigration imposed under British rule, to Japanese invasion during the second world war and finally into Independence in 1957. The audience will watch the show from an English garden beneath the walls, as projection and music bring the buildings to life.

A sound scape will create a descriptive musical track. Traditional music, drums, dialogue and sound effects, including bouncing tires, clinking tins, turning wheels, the drone of bombers, canon, church bells and musket fire, culminatie with the chant for ‘Merdeka!’ (Independence) as Tunku, Malaysia’s first Prime Minister and the country’s father, announces the birth of a new nation.

The show is scheduled to open in 2013.