Santa Monica, California, USA


  • concept proposal
  • vision planning


The historic pier at Santa Monica is one of the major icons of California and draws millions of visitors every year. Artisan Design worked with the Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation to offer a vision of how the pier could combine continued entertainment with the story of over 100 years of history. The vision included a celebration of the community spirit as ‘the People’s Pier’, and an expansion of the pier’s presence as a premium icon of California.

The plan proposed a number of entertainment zones and trails that intertwined with each other,celebrating the past, present and future of the pier.

To continue the pier’s heritage, a new Pleasure Palace would recreate past great attractions, combining historical images and stories with games and amusements. A discovery arts trail centered around a public amphitheater, surrounded by a sculpture and a flex market space, would celebrate the pier’s role in within the community. Inspired by the amusement park lights, a sculpture walk would turn the pier into a living light sculpture that would be an tactile visitor experience, as well as an iconic view seen for miles.

The vision plan was submitted as part of the continued development of the Pier in 2012.